Being a Parent being a Kid

It is tough to be a parent. I find myself constantly trying to recall how I felt at certain ages, so I might speak in a way that is helpful but doesn’t offend. My parent police will get me if I don’t tell you…-” I say sometimes, or “The Mom book of; teach your children well” means I know it won’t make for a happy moment but I am not doing my job if I remain silent.
This might be applied on a larger scale these days in the School of Right, Wrong and Slipping down a slippery slope.

acknowledgement feeds love

The Power of acknowledgement is vast and easy to set in motion. We all work hard toward what it is we need or want to achieve. Somedays it is easy to get wrapped up in the general annoyance of feeling under-appreciated and over put upon. Take a mental step back and look at those around you- family members, coworkers, friends or complete strangers; each with their individual mountain to climb. An unsolicited word of acknowledgement may lighten the weight of their steps forward. Oddly you also may feel lifted as well.

The written word is still treasured and carries greater personal wishes then an email.

pride & produce

Tuesday’s organic Farmer’s Market here in Salisbury is always such a treat. Smiling people stroll from booth to booth filling baskets and bags with carefully nurtured produce as if they are gathering treasure. The farmers, bakers, CSA’s, and chefs proudly display their goods, ready to add a word of cooking advice. The shared positive energy of appreciation for the efforts of producers and support of buyers is palatable.
I picked up my sister’s Blades Orchard CSA box full of peaches, corn, lettuce, squash and peppers. “You must have a magnificent garden!” I said to the lovely woman showing me round “eightball” squash, imagining row upon row-bursting with interesting vegetables. “I do,” she grinned back. Next door, I sprung for a loaf of multiseed sourdough bread – as beautifully made as it was tasty. Beyond that, Butch, who has maintained a farm in Mardela for many years- had a table full of massive blackberries in little wooden berry boxes. I found myself standing in front of the table eyeing the berries, while he regarded me hopefully. “How much?” I asked. “Five dollars.” It occurred to me we had a bunch of black berries in the field at home, but I couldn’t just walk off now. I said- “I always get so torn up by flies when I pick black berries at our house.” “No flies at my farm,” he shrugged pleasantly. I bought the berries. He got a bag and nestled the berries in their wooden box into it. “Don’t you want to keep the nice box?” I asked. He shook his head- “No they look nice in these boxes, even though each one costs me thirty cents. I do use the paper ones for my blue berries because sometimes they get wedged in the slot at the corners.”
Those blackberries were jewels- each a different burst of sweet/sour sprinkled with a bit of pride.

Support your local organic farmers!

Please drive gently

SEED . spread empathy each day .

When we moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland 30 plus years ago- we were greatly and derisively amused by the “Welcome to Maryland . please drive gently” sign. Coming from the drive aggressively or be flattened mean streets of NYC, the sign struck us as quaint at the least. After living out in Frenchtown, Maryland or 6 months or so and waving to our few neighbors as we passed on the road, (If you didn’t they would think you were upset with them)we returned to NYC to see some friends. Our driving habits had mellowed and my hand flew up by habit to wave at another car. The driver looked astounded, then mistrustful cursing us, then perplexed careening into our lane. Needless to say I slowed down let him swerve ahead. Driving gently- on the road and in life, a nice way to roll.

SEED . spread empathy each day

This is my effort to combat a culture of anger and mistrust, short sited actions based in greed and power to benefit a few rather then all. I have created a Facebook page at
Please share your ideas and stories of good people doing good things.
here’s one from me:
A few weeks ago at the Food Lion, I was standing in line behind a man with two cartons of Lime Sherbet which I found amusing. We were joking around when it occurred to both of us that we had been standing there a very long time without the line moving forward. We noted an elderly thin woman, casting about in her purse while the cashier looked frustrated. It was clear the woman didn’t have enough money for what she wished to buy. The sherbet man was a quick draw and beat me to whipping out his credit card-quietly suggesting,”just put it on this.” No big fanfare just stepping up.
Changed my day too.
Seed change Friends…

The Journey is the Thing

I created this image- of the tortoise and the hare hanging together on their journey to illustrate-  that no matter our differences-whether we race thru life or wander-if we can seek a common pace and work toward a greater good for all-joy is found in walking and talking together.

“The Journey is the thing.”-This quote is from Homer, born sometime between the 12th and 8th centuries BC, possibly somewhere on the coast of Asia Minor.  This is still an important notion to recall in these divisive days- so …Lets take the long way home and consider the possibilities.

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keep your pets near to your heart forever

A nice fellow asked me to create a cremation urn for his dog Gilligan. His and an earlier dog’s remains would be kept in urns on the family’s mantlepiece. We worked together to design the look and colors of the urn which needed to blend with the other dog’s urn. He was very pleased to have something as uplifting and happy as the memories of his nice old pooch for the urn. In looking at what is available out there I thought- yes, pretty depressing options- so I have added burial urns to what I will make for you. Over the years I have made them from time to time for people as well as pets. To honor your beautiful remembrances in a joyful way.

keep your dear pets close to your heart forever

Find it under the new category of Urns;

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Trust me-Humor helps…

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