Meet Dana

Meet Dana
Dana working on a tile table top commission.
Chesapeake East
Inside the store at Chesapeake East.
meet Dana
Dana working on a large mural installation featuring animals from the Chesapeake Bay.

My artwork is inspired by the deep joy I find in nature, especially at our home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We tangle with the hard work of restoring a century old farmhouse, living organically and occasionally driving home through the high tides that reclaim what passes for our road. Our home is called secrethouse, because when we discovered it no one had lived here since 1950 except foxes and black snakes. (Both still visit) I hope to share the stories and inspiration of the Secrethouse property with you through my paintings and this website. I expect it will evolve, as has this once forgotten and overgrown property that now happily reflects years of creative solutions, sweaty conviction and a deep education in power tools.

Dana Simson’s engaging imagery has been licensed in fabric, rugs, stationary, home decor, gift items, and tabletop. She has 11 published books and Dana’s creations are in the collections of national museums, and have been featured in many national magazines, TV shows and Hollywood movies, including Titanic.

Lester the Goat
Fat Lester is king of the goats.
Benevolent, happy to come with you on a walk
and well mannered unless something looks tasty.
Giles as a kid, the latest bottle-fed baby.
She is goat ambassador to those willing to give her a pat.
Sometimes Dana works outside- here a butterfly wonders about the flower being painted on a set of dinnerware.