Sea Turtle Lookinglass Necklace


Two-sides: The sea turtle image is backed with the quote: “If you truly love nature, you will see beauty everywhere”(Vincent Van Gogh)  between two 1.5 x1.5 inch pieces of beveled glass. Each has a silver eighteen inch chain and glass bead detail. (bead colors vary-but always compliment image)

Dimensions: 1.5×1.5” image area, with 18” chain


The inspiration for my lookinglass line comes from a Buddhist icon necklace brought back to me from Indonesia by a friend. I loved the two sided box design and notion of jewelry containing an added level of significance. Every pendent is slightly unique thru my combination of paints, patterned papers and imagery. Lookinglass jewelry is handcrafted; sandwiching two archival prints of my images between beveled glass, securing these with copper foil and soldering it all together. The two sides gives the wearer a choice of imagery to face outward or for images backed with text- it is nice to hold that saying close to your heart.